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Cool Christmas decoration: Santa Claus boots from plastic bottles

Is it worth buying ready-made Christmas decorations for the house, if many of them can be made with your own hands? It is fascinating, very entertaining and interesting! Such creativity will definitely appeal to children. We offer one of the most interesting Christmas crafts - Santa Claus boots, created from plastic bottles.
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For the House and Cottages

10 unexpectedly useful ways to use vodka in everyday life

Contrary to popular belief, the use of vodka goes beyond simple consumption. With its help, you can carry out effective cleaning, disinfect the surface, use in baking and not only! We offer you 10 useful and effective ways to use vodka in everyday life: Vodka in half with water eliminates unpleasant odors of clothes Vodka mixture in half with water helps you to perfectly clean glasses Vodka is an excellent solvent for sticky spots, for example, after stickers a few drops of essential oil (cinnamon, mint, tea tree) A teaspoon of sugar and vodka will help cut flowers to stand longer in water Add some icy vodka instead of water to the dough to make it more crunch conductive Vodka is an ideal basis for creating home extracts, for example, vanilla Vodka mixed with water glass Vodka effectively cleans perfectly removes odors shoe Freeze half vodka in a package with water to give ice to prevent bruising
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Health and beauty

10 popular pixie hairstyles for blondes and brunettes

Pixie haircut has become incredibly popular among fashionistas, because it is not only beautiful, but also very comfortable. Pixies are chosen by modern women who lead active lifestyles who do not want to spend too much time on styling their hair. This haircut does not give you any trouble, and it takes a few minutes to beautifully put your hair!
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Waterproof blanket of old jeans - a great idea for a picnic

Relaxing in nature I want to take into account every little thing. During a picnic, a good blanket will not be out of place. It is not necessary to look for it in the store. Having a stock of old jeans in your arsenal, you can sew it yourself. It will be not only beautiful, but also convenient. In addition, also waterproof. The blanket supplemented with an old shower curtain will also become waterproof.
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