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Amazing ways to use Listerine, which every woman should know


Oral hygiene is important, therefore, many useful means have been invented for it. The mouthwash was developed carefully and refined for many years. Therefore, today this tool has so many useful properties that they cannot be ignored.

Remove tick from skin

A dangerous insect that could invade your skin can be removed as follows. Apply rinse to a cotton swab or cotton swab and attach to the affected area. When the tick pulls out its head, put it in a jar and take it to the sanitary service - it should be checked for malicious infections.

Prevention of lice infection

If it so happens that you have come into contact with a person infected with head lice, you can resort to an emergency method. Smear your hair with mouthwash and put on a shower cap for half an hour. Several random insects will die under such a cap. After 30 minutes, wash and dry hair. Carefully monitor the scalp. If the infection still occurred, be sure to go to the pharmacy.

Listerine will help your pets.

Add rinse to pet shampoo, or apply to wool, diluted with water.

Bin Freshener

In the event that you did not manage to take out the garbage in time, blot a couple of paper towels or some toilet paper in the rinse aid and throw it into the bucket. You do not have to spend the evening in the company of bad smell.

Clean the monitor or TV screen

Apply the product on a napkin or spray it directly on the screen surface. The conditioner will dissolve fat and dirt, without leaving behind stains. Unlike the smell of household chemicals, the conditioner aroma is pleasant enough.

Use rinse aid to disinfect toothbrushes.

The same bacteria that attack the oral cavity, multiply on toothbrushes. Soak them in a glass filled with rinse for several hours, you can even leave until the next use.

Use rinse as a remedy for dandruff

Dandruff is a fungus. And the rinse easily copes with it. Rub in the hair roots and wrap them in a towel for 20-30 minutes. After washing your hair with regular shampoo.

Rinse instead of deodorant

If before an important meeting you could not find your deodorant or you suddenly discovered that it was over, wipe your armpits with a rinse. It will kill the bacteria that give the sweat an unpleasant smell.

Get rid of the itch

Wipe the skin after an insect bite or contact with nettle cotton pad soaked with rinse. Itching should subside for a while.

Use a rinse as a toilet freshener

Means perfectly cope with the destruction of bacteria and odor. An excellent way out if the usual "duckling" is over, and the guests are almost on the threshold.

Foot baths

If you suspect a fungus, use a simple recipe. Add a few rinse caps to the warm water and hold your feet in this solution for about half an hour. If the nails already show signs of damage, add a little vinegar to this bath.