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Low-growing tomatoes: early yield with a minimum of care


Low-growing varieties of tomatoes are popular and in demand. Compact bushes and a small number of stepsons - not all of their advantages. The height of the bushes in tomatoes of different varieties varies from 60 cm to 1 m, the fruits on them ripen together and much earlier than that of tall tomatoes. Less susceptible to such tomatoes and diseases. Today, there are many undersized varieties for both greenhouses and for open ground. Compact bushes can be grown even in small greenhouses and mini-greenhouses.

Early harvest of stunted tomatoes in greenhouse conditions

In greenhouse conditions, you can get an excellent harvest of tomatoes of different varieties.


The earliest salad variety. The height of the bushes from 45 to 60 cm. The fruits ripen very early, quickly gain sweetness. Tomatoes of this variety are resistant to many diseases, grow well in open ground. However, they are not resistant to cracking and are considered unsuitable for conservation.


Crop early tomatoes. The height of the bushes is about 50 cm. Round fruits do not crack even with an excess of moisture. Tomatoes of this variety are well tolerated by a lack of sunlight and are resistant to disease.


Oblong fruits of tomatoes of this variety grow in clusters, have fleshy juicy flesh, sweet in taste. This early variety is also suitable for outdoor use.

Pink honey

Mid-grade variety of tomatoes, pink fruits which resemble the heart. The variety belongs to undersized, while the height of the bush reaches from 80 to 150 cm. The fruits are large, sweet, can weigh from 400 g to 1 kg. The tomato of this variety will have to pay more attention, since they lack immunity against diseases.


The height of the bushes from 50 to 100 cm. The fruits are sweetish, fleshy with a peculiar color. This variety of tomato is resistant to cracking, which allows its use for harvesting.

Popular varieties of stunted tomatoes for open ground

The gardeners of tomato varieties conquered by love are capable of giving a good early harvest in the open field, a lot. Here are just the most popular ones.


Tomato bushes of this variety reach a height of only 50 cm, while having a large number of medium-sized oblong fruits. Fleshy and tasty, they are good both fresh and preserved. The variety is resistant to many diseases, including rot.

Golden stream

Early variety with tasty fleshy fruits from yellow to orange. The height of the bush from 50 to 80 cm. Disease resistant. Suitable for conservation.

Red fang

Extra early high-yielding variety resistant to most diseases. The height of the bushes on average reaches 80-90 cm. The fruits are sweet, with dense flesh, suitable for preservation.

Super model

Pink-red fleshy fruit with pointed noses have a sweetish taste with a slight sourness. Mid-season tomatoes with bush height up to 70 cm are excellent for salting and preservation.

El Dorado

Yellow mid-season tomatoes with a bush height up to 90 cm. Moderately sweet with a slight sourness. Resistant to fading, relatively unpretentious. Use them mostly fresh.

Even if among the tomatoes you already have your favorites, you can always replenish the range, especially with information about the advantages and disadvantages of certain varieties.